From your time as a student to your experience as an alumni, The SMASK attacnment continues, as a result of your connection to the Old Students association, numbering thousands of alumni.

SMASK Alumni

With over several thousands of old students in the different universities in Uganda and the world over, SMASK has one of the most diverse and numerous well established and distributed alumni. This is owed to our excellence in academics, sports and other activities as a leading secondary school.

St. Mary’s Boarding Secondary School Kitende was established by Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa in 2001 for the educational and sports benefit ¬†of the country and it is recognized globally. Throughout our history, SMASK has offered access to a wide range of academic, and sports opportunities. As a leader in secondary education, SMASK has pioneered change in the education and sports sectors.

Enjoy Benefits & Privileges

Free School and Stadium Tour

Tour the school and stadium on designated days.

Invitation to school events

Get invited to attend select SMASK school events and network with fellow alumni

Free Library Access

Access our well stocked library for your research.

Mr. Ssembatya JImmy Mukasa

Headmaster, O Level

Our dear alumni, we salute you all. Thank you for being a part of the SMASK community, and making our name sour the heights wherever you have been. We appreciate your efforts in carrying our  prestigious flag and we urge you to continue ensuring positive representation of our school and the SMASK brand.